How to Draw a Boat on the Sea / Acrylic Painting with Cardboard

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Jay Lee Painting

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JayLee - How to paint with acrylic / Painting Techniques
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Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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Aliza Mandilwar
Aliza Mandilwar 7 saatler önce
So amazing
Yisa El Riany 1837086
Yisa El Riany 1837086 27 gün önce
This is beautiful
ali ali
ali ali Aylar önce
ali ali
ali ali Aylar önce
ali ali
ali ali Aylar önce
ali ali
ali ali Aylar önce
Tais Andrade
Tais Andrade Aylar önce
Passei e fiquei presa, nesses vídeos, encador os detalhes
Alcicleide Oliveira Alves
Alcicleide Oliveira Alves Aylar önce
Charu Gupta
Charu Gupta Aylar önce
That boat is really kiddish and small. The name of the video is "how to boat.." . Its disappointing to see the boat being just a paper-toy boat
Carmen Estrela
Carmen Estrela Aylar önce
あやた Aylar önce
Gabriel Valencia
Gabriel Valencia Aylar önce
Todos iba bien cuando salió el barco más bien minivelero. No mames... Punto menos 🤘
Saya Aitzhan
Saya Aitzhan Aylar önce
Nasib Shaikh
Nasib Shaikh Aylar önce
Hi there and thanks
rozita sedaghat
rozita sedaghat Aylar önce
Very lovely😍😍
Наталья Шогига
Наталья Шогига Aylar önce
Браво, восхищаюсь Вами ВСЕГДА 🥰
Protipy zdrowotne
Protipy zdrowotne Aylar önce
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Mahir gaming
Mahir gaming Aylar önce
Singular Arte
Singular Arte Aylar önce
Abeera zahra
Abeera zahra Aylar önce
Wow beautiful painting I wanna make this 🥰painting😊💐💐
Sweet Berry 🍒
Sweet Berry 🍒 Aylar önce
I need some advice to start texture painting... This art will work or look good on paper or canvas?
Iram Ahsin
Iram Ahsin Aylar önce
Yes same plz
Lopa Art
Lopa Art Aylar önce
Wow 😍💕😮
Ambiya Khatoon
Ambiya Khatoon Aylar önce
Wow so good lovely🥰❤️❤️❤️
Kevin Price
Kevin Price Aylar önce
Will someone please tell me the reason for the white dots caused by hitting 2 brushes together? I thought it was snow, but obviously thats not the case.
Gloria Bezuidenhout
Gloria Bezuidenhout Aylar önce
I'm sure it's drops of water from the waves...sea spray.
Daniele e Isabella
Daniele e Isabella Aylar önce
I Loved.
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez Aylar önce
Beautiful! Thank you for the video.
hava demir
hava demir Aylar önce
Gerçekten harika
Dakshita and nikki in wonderland
Dakshita and nikki in wonderland Aylar önce
Why dollars? Can u keep Indian money please please please ti buy ur drawings
Anindita Aylar önce
You're so creative!
Aaliyah and Keyshia
Aaliyah and Keyshia Aylar önce
That’s so dope and cool
Deivaldo JORDÁO
Deivaldo JORDÁO Aylar önce
Ficou sensacional, vc faz parecer muito fácil. Obrigado
Safna K S
Safna K S Aylar önce
Can you draw a poster of SAY NO TO DOWRY
Bu Aylar önce
Wow no ads
Azra Koruz
Azra Koruz Aylar önce
ماشاءالله اللهم بارك
Anitha Siva
Anitha Siva Aylar önce
How was it learn ?
비취의손자수 Aylar önce
구독하고 열심히 보고 있어요
Bisworosalini Samal
Bisworosalini Samal Aylar önce
priyanka kumari
priyanka kumari Aylar önce
What is the paper on which you make this drawing called?
keon0224 Aylar önce
Too gooooooooooood , I love your paintings🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
keon0224 Aylar önce
My cousin:ya ya so true
Wang Zhe Art 王喆藝術工作室
Wang Zhe Art 王喆藝術工作室 Aylar önce
It the interesting painting!clean,simple and beautiful👍🏻🌷
오지은 Aylar önce
Yo también quiero pintar pero no tengo lo necesario para pintar 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Любовь Юдина
Любовь Юдина Aylar önce
Хорошо и музыка подходит. Good and the music fits.
Sssniperwolf Art
Sssniperwolf Art Aylar önce
i love it
M V Aylar önce
Wow! 🔎 at this artist Jay Lee! Cute baby and killer instruction of a masterpiece - what's not to like? The water in this pic is powerful - easily carrying the ark - but as we've already clearly seen 👀 "Every tree not a planting of the Lord will be removed" thank you Lord Jesus 🙏
Suzi Whose-It
Suzi Whose-It Aylar önce
Your work is amazing! Would you create a bamboo forrest canvas that I may want to buy? Thank you.
Helmiza Basiran
Helmiza Basiran Aylar önce
Luar biasa
Gül Lale
Gül Lale Aylar önce
Güzel 🤩
B. TheBassplayer
B. TheBassplayer Aylar önce
I often watch Bob Ross and it’s always soothing for me….your videos are just as soothing as watching Bob Ross… keep doing it!!
Safna K S
Safna K S Aylar önce
Can you draw a poster of 'SAY NO TO DOWRY '
Başlık türkçe ama😕
d fused
d fused Aylar önce
This channel has inspired me to get back into painting even though I haven't done it for over 15 years.. so glad I discovered this channel! Keep up the great content please ☺️
캘리안Callian Aylar önce
저도 아크릴화 빨리 도전하고 싶네요~~🖼👍
Telugu Online Teaching
Telugu Online Teaching Aylar önce
Excellent 👌😍
creative mind always [acrylic painting]
creative mind always [acrylic painting] Aylar önce
Lovely art beautiful
AAdhvan videos
AAdhvan videos Aylar önce
Your painting techniques are great 👍
Доза Смеха
Доза Смеха Aylar önce
1:30 Классный контент ✌🏻 2:18 Ждём следующих выпусков , всем добра✌🏻
ZA Creates
ZA Creates Aylar önce
Neziha Dilek
Neziha Dilek Aylar önce
凍ちゃねるねる Aylar önce
Sunita Beauty Vlog
Sunita Beauty Vlog Aylar önce
Really aap bahut achhi painting karte hai👌👌👌😘😘😘😘
남준jinneski Aylar önce
Master piece
SA simple Arts gallery
SA simple Arts gallery Aylar önce
Nice painting❤️💞🖌️
Shams Arts
Shams Arts Aylar önce
Fantastic painting.
W B90
W B90 Aylar önce
😅😅😅😅😅 wtf is that ?
_Розовая панда_
_Розовая панда_ Aylar önce
Вай какая красота😍
Harsh Patil
Harsh Patil Aylar önce
Vary nice I love it
AONE ARTS Aylar önce
Great you are an real artist 🤙🏻🤙🏻😍😘🤩😇
W J-S Aylar önce
Your so Awesome❤❤❤ Thank you for showing us how you create these amazingly beautiful pictures with paint. I'm not very talented when it comes to painting, playing an instrument or anything that takes a special ability 😂😂😂 But when I watch you paint it is so soothing and relaxing to me. Idk if it makes sense what I'm saying but I feel like I could get lost in the strokes of your brush sometimes. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing your how to videos with us.
Eddy Pasaribu
Eddy Pasaribu Aylar önce
Awesome.. 👍
Zoe Rosaleen
Zoe Rosaleen Aylar önce
I always learn something from you!!
Hey Painting
Hey Painting Aylar önce
So cool😀😀😀
ZAID ASIN Aylar önce
To ur beautiful art........ ❓❓❓ some people dislike can't understand🤔.....
Bristy & Samia FCM
Bristy & Samia FCM Aylar önce
which color do use for painting?????
blue Aylar önce
woaa so beautiful
Mauricéa Cabral
Mauricéa Cabral Aylar önce
Essa música da uma paz. Lindos quadros. 👏👏👏
Art Pop Gallery
Art Pop Gallery Aylar önce
What incredible art ... You deserve unlimited subscribers ... Making art is extraordinary ... Impressive!
wandering tv 4k
wandering tv 4k Aylar önce
excelente video
Tips y mucho mas
Tips y mucho mas Aylar önce
Hola, muy buen contenido, me ha gustado tu vídeo muchas gracias, te apoyo mucho ha que sigas haciendo este tipo de contenido, espero que me apoyes, ya que yo no te tengo tanto apoyo y me gustaría tener apoyo, gracias.
HM ART Aylar önce
بعد اذن صاحب القناة انا فتحت قناة رسم احتاج بعض الدعم من متابعين كرام قريبا سانشئ دروس وفيدوهات كاملة حول طرق رسم ليستفيد الجميع شكرا علي متابعة 💜💜💜
Yadhu's World Art Traveller
Yadhu's World Art Traveller Aylar önce
Beautiful painting 👌👌👌
adrian turtle
adrian turtle Aylar önce
I love all the different textures and the little paper boat is adorable, great job as always
Antonio Chac
Antonio Chac Aylar önce
Espectacular tecnica de pintura
lenny108 Aylar önce
Riffs and Pics
Riffs and Pics Aylar önce
Nice waves!
Millie Tivey
Millie Tivey Aylar önce
I definitely want to try it out
Wesley S.
Wesley S. Aylar önce
That's the tiniest boat i have ever seen. Wonderful painting anyhow.
Fran Tastic
Fran Tastic Aylar önce
Seems out of proportion to the size of the waves; otherwise lovely scene!
Sol lucet omnibus
Sol lucet omnibus Aylar önce
Super amico è una gioia vedere i tuoi capolavori 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
Gms Trk
Gms Trk Aylar önce
Галина Загородняя
Галина Загородняя Aylar önce
جعفر اللامي
جعفر اللامي Aylar önce
الله شكد حلو
Xena Art
Xena Art Aylar önce
ஆல்வின் Alvin E
ஆல்வின் Alvin E Aylar önce
Superrrrrrrreer.Luv from tamilnadu india
semra ehmedli
semra ehmedli Aylar önce
Fantastic 🏞🌊
Zim Ali
Zim Ali Aylar önce
Best painter
Priyam Arts
Priyam Arts Aylar önce
You are just amazing😍😍
Bukurie Aylar önce
It is beautiful painting and your new T🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣echnique🚣🎨🌠👀👀👀👀🌞👌
Jose Juan
Jose Juan Aylar önce
Lenka lela Nikić
Lenka lela Nikić Aylar önce
vanesa elisabeth pividori
vanesa elisabeth pividori Aylar önce
Bellísimo!! 😍😍😍😍
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