Love Poem - Painting a Watercolor Couple

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Jay Lee Painting

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JayLee - How to paint with watercolor / Painting Techniques
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Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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Leo Coreano
Leo Coreano 5 gün önce
Rosa Marrero
Rosa Marrero Aylar önce
Марина Aylar önce
Я первий раз смотрю этот ролик и мне очень понравилась 😊
Milky Korea
Milky Korea Aylar önce
Is he korean?
Art Ananya
Art Ananya Aylar önce
Ossam art ♥️🌻
sukhee jung
sukhee jung Aylar önce
유화만 보다가.. 처음으로 수채화 그리는 모습을 보면서.. 역시나 섬세하고.. 그림을 너무 잘 그리시네요.. 👍
Patty Bray
Patty Bray Aylar önce
Lissy.char🍄 Aylar önce
Könntest du mal eine schwarze katze mit orangenen augen malen 🥺🥺 weil meine katze ist vorgestern gestorben 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mưa mưa
Mưa mưa Aylar önce
Love it
Javiera Gubler Valdés
Javiera Gubler Valdés Aylar önce
Wonderful 🌷✨💖 Thank you
Life MotiveVid
Life MotiveVid Aylar önce
Bro I want one painting
Tyln93 Aylar önce
Rafiq Art & Craft
Rafiq Art & Craft Aylar önce
excellent my friend
Laugh n Learning
Laugh n Learning Aylar önce
incridebile talent . God bless u 😇😇😇
Paint 4 Tech
Paint 4 Tech Aylar önce
Rabia Nur
Rabia Nur Aylar önce
Çok güzel oldu mâşâallah 👏👏
워크윗미 코리아 walk with me korea
워크윗미 코리아 walk with me korea Aylar önce
너무 아름답습니다
mahanati Vyshnavi
mahanati Vyshnavi Aylar önce
Please!!! Can you draww bts purple ocean💜💜
Alone with nature
Alone with nature Aylar önce
this is a talent, great video thanks😍😍😍🤗
Suchitra Kumari
Suchitra Kumari Aylar önce
You are best artist ever
Suchitra Kumari
Suchitra Kumari Aylar önce
Very beautiful picture ❤
nightingale Aylar önce
I wonder what it'd be like to stand under a giant flower
Pooja Gupta
Pooja Gupta Aylar önce
Watch Emmanuel tv on TRpost God bless you and everyone 💞💞
wandering tv 4k
wandering tv 4k Aylar önce
excellent video friend keep going 😊
Art By Suman Garg
Art By Suman Garg Aylar önce
DutchYisa - ดัตช์ญิสา Life in Netherlands
DutchYisa - ดัตช์ญิสา Life in Netherlands Aylar önce
They’re both so stunning😍😍 😍
Easy ArT Tahir
Easy ArT Tahir Aylar önce
good work .. keep it up and stay connected with us Thanks
Telugu Online Teaching
Telugu Online Teaching Aylar önce
Wow excellent painting 👌👌
2copperpieces Aylar önce
That is a strong stem!
Bukurie Aylar önce
Beautiful painting,music and new Technique.💑🙏😮😍
angelo capuzzi
angelo capuzzi Aylar önce
color your dreams
color your dreams Aylar önce
Awsm 👌👌
Shahanoor Mamun
Shahanoor Mamun Aylar önce
Beautiful work!!
savitha velayudhan
savitha velayudhan Aylar önce
Nice painting....
𝑳𝒊𝒃𝒆𝒓𝒕𝒕𝒂 에솔❥
𝑳𝒊𝒃𝒆𝒓𝒕𝒕𝒂 에솔❥ Aylar önce
여기는 거의다 외국분들 이군요🖤 저는 한국인이에요🌈 이쁜그림을 영상으로 보여주셔서 감사합니다💝손재주가 정말 좋네요💕 저는 또래보다 잘그리긴 하는데,이정도는 너무 힘들것같네요🖤감사합니다💖
Chris Churchley
Chris Churchley Aylar önce
Fab U lous 🥰😍😘
Asha Ingale
Asha Ingale Aylar önce
Just amazing✌speechless techniques 🤩
멋글씨_근주자적 Aylar önce
정말 멋집니다.
Ruby DiamondPearl03
Ruby DiamondPearl03 Aylar önce
New sub love 😍 the drawing
nicolas czekalla
nicolas czekalla Aylar önce
Yes very good job
GIUS Art Drawing
GIUS Art Drawing Aylar önce
Beautiful painting my friend, thank you for sharing this video..
kirti nayak
kirti nayak Aylar önce
Namaste. You are incredibly talented. 👌👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Loads of Love from 🇮🇳
Shiza Naveed
Shiza Naveed Aylar önce
Soo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Best Tested Recipes
Best Tested Recipes Aylar önce
Amazing 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
David Gómez Rosas
David Gómez Rosas Aylar önce
La rosa le quedó más chida 😸
Amalia Jacobo
Amalia Jacobo Aylar önce
Wow that's so Romantic💞 lovely awesome 🎨 Art
Ghost Gacha
Ghost Gacha Aylar önce
I thought it said love porn
Patricia Miranda
Patricia Miranda Aylar önce
🇮🇳supper 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏
nury recabarren
nury recabarren Aylar önce
lucia gomez
lucia gomez Aylar önce
Excelente trabajo¡ pero me gusta mas el acrilico¡ saludos
Carmen Estrela
Carmen Estrela Aylar önce
Carmen Prado
Carmen Prado Aylar önce
SeasonFaeWoman Aylar önce
Beautiful painting 🖼 🎨
September Virgo
September Virgo Aylar önce
So beautiful🌷🌷🌸🌸🌹🌹🌱🌱💐💐🌺🌺🥀🥀🌾🌾
جعفر اللامي
جعفر اللامي Aylar önce
كولش حلوووو
Luz amparo González roa
Luz amparo González roa Aylar önce
Wow hermosa
Hatice Merttürk Güven
Hatice Merttürk Güven Aylar önce
Raissa Popow
Raissa Popow Aylar önce
Bravo et merci,bonne continuation😃😍😘
Aracely Shapiama
Aracely Shapiama Aylar önce
Est@ reeeehermosooool
KrisTheKat Aylar önce
How did this get in my recommendation? Anyways it's still amazing art that should be more famous.
طبخات ريمي
طبخات ريمي Aylar önce
ابداع تستحقي اشتراك ولايك استمري🙂🙂
طبخات ريمي
طبخات ريمي Aylar önce
بتنوريني بقناتي
Billie Nuhfer
Billie Nuhfer Aylar önce
God has blessed you with incredible talent!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!!! 👍👏💞
Özge Yalçın
Özge Yalçın Aylar önce
Wow, it's like watching a poetry in motion 😮Calm and beautiful.I can feel the emotions of the person who is painting this masterpiece 💜
doctor to be.
doctor to be. Aylar önce
Assalamualaikum! I want to know something 1) I'm extremely ashamed of being a Pakistani citizen . My country land is pure but not it's government. Everyone here is currupt . My dream from childhood was becoming a doctor in future but now it looks like it's impossible while living in Pakistan. Pakistan Medical Commission is conducting national mdcat test , which has been started from 30 Aug and will continue till 30 Sep . Total of 64 test will be conducted and there is no equality as someone gets so easy test while others so difficult . After all this result is not justified . Topper students are getting just 120 marks out of 210 . There are so many problems that can't be explained. Only mdcat students can understand each other . 2) My family isn't so rich to pay millions of rupees in private sector colleges . And I can't imagine of becoming anything else except mbbs doctor . İn every exam I topped therefore this failure is heart breaking for me . İf someone help me getting mbbs scholarship in any county of the world I will be very thankful to him . My test is on 18 Sep and I'm sure if there is no corruption I will secure 200plus marks , but if I failed , I will fail my life as I have promised myself that I will prefer death if I can't be a doctor. But I'm explaining this here just because I think suicide is haram and I should find every way to save my life , but if I can't do this than I have to die. So please if someone know about any medical college where I can become doctor at low cost please help me
flori ferrer
flori ferrer Aylar önce
Precioso ,me encanta, da mucha paz y tranquilidad ver como pinta , gracias por compartir su sabiduría, saludos desde sevilla, Andalucía España
Shirley Truett
Shirley Truett Aylar önce
SILENT CRY Aylar önce
Creativity is at another level. Keep going.
Bia’s Drawing Art Corner
Bia’s Drawing Art Corner Aylar önce
It’s beautiful 😍 I love to draw but quit painting long time ago.. now I started to draw again after 7 years... 🤞🏻
이영 LEEYOUNG Aylar önce
투명수채화!!! 참 맑고 좋습니다... BGM도 좋구요!!! 여러번 돌려 배우며 즐감했습니다...
Shalini bhatia
Shalini bhatia Aylar önce
Your drawing is very very nice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Art Book
Art Book Aylar önce
Very nice 👌
virginia corvera
virginia corvera Aylar önce
It's fine, beautiful, needs 10,000 likes ❤️
Dandan Sa Painting
Dandan Sa Painting Aylar önce
So beautiful painting
Mələk Bayramova
Mələk Bayramova Aylar önce
Patti 1962
Patti 1962 Aylar önce
Stunning, so heart warming❤️
Laura Dsouza
Laura Dsouza Aylar önce
Beautiful 🙏
M Helena Silva
M Helena Silva Aylar önce
RR SmartMaker ✔️
RR SmartMaker ✔️ Aylar önce
Xena Art
Xena Art Aylar önce
*_Such an incredible combination - an artist and a poet in one person! We can watch your poems! Fantasy!👏🤗💜_*
This is poetic but it's certainly not a poem
From주연 Aylar önce
I'm falling asleep 😴
Jigyas Oil's Art
Jigyas Oil's Art Aylar önce
its soo beautiful my friend
Я ОлесЯ family vlog
Я ОлесЯ family vlog Aylar önce
Gambare Udin
Gambare Udin Aylar önce
Awesome! 😊
Phoenix Feathers
Phoenix Feathers Aylar önce
They’re both so stunning!
ArtPrabha Aylar önce
Mother Nature
Mother Nature Aylar önce
Rewelacja brawo 👏
Desirrê de Fátima
Desirrê de Fátima Aylar önce
Belíssimo! Parabéns!
Marieu Valecas
Marieu Valecas Aylar önce
Me relaja demasiado🥰
SOS ETA Aylar önce
Елена Гуцал
Елена Гуцал Aylar önce
Спасибо, великолепно! Я тоже попробую нарисовать эту замечательную картину. 🙏
Rasa Rassam Art
Rasa Rassam Art Aylar önce
Dr. Bruno Recipes
Dr. Bruno Recipes Aylar önce
Very relaxing 😊 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻 Stay blessed ♥️ Greetings from Scotland 😊
Ana Helena
Ana Helena Aylar önce
É uma terapia ver esses momentos 😌😌😌😌
Ana Helena
Ana Helena Aylar önce
Talento e talento!! Habilidade e habilidade!!! Bom gosto e suavidade é incomparável!!! Lindooooo demais gente!!! Me apaixonei por todos!!! Parabéns!!! 💕💕💕
Kenia Xd
Kenia Xd Aylar önce
Sanjoi Official
Sanjoi Official Aylar önce
أميرة الرقص.dancing princess
أميرة الرقص.dancing princess Aylar önce
people who are watching this còmments l wish thererents still Alive for more than years God bless family 🙏🙏😊👍🌹..
Daiane Prado
Daiane Prado Aylar önce
Happy birthday 👏 pretty
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