How to paint a mother sheep and baby lamb / Acrylic painting technique

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Jay Lee Painting

2 aylar önce

JayLee - How to paint with acrylic / Painting Techniques
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Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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Rosa Mari Armesto
Rosa Mari Armesto Saatler önce
Que bonito y realista, me gusta mucho.. Eres un artista,!!
Heather&Tony Valez
Heather&Tony Valez 2 gün önce
Yesterday I tried painting that it was horrible
Maria Oliveira
Maria Oliveira 4 gün önce
You are one of the best 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I love your technique 💖
Amyrah Dalai
Amyrah Dalai 7 gün önce
Ольга Тонюк
Ольга Тонюк 9 gün önce
как всегда великолепно👍
Fatima Fati
Fatima Fati 10 gün önce
maria de lujan mataluna
maria de lujan mataluna 10 gün önce
Mônica Haddad Souza
Mônica Haddad Souza 23 gün önce
Maravilhosos estes vídeos.. são hipnotizantes.. acalmam e fazem dormir
Marilza Soares Soares
Marilza Soares Soares 24 gün önce
It's wonderfull
Mou Dey
Mou Dey 24 gün önce
Esperanza Sandoval
Esperanza Sandoval 24 gün önce
Estoy encantada de ver tanto talento que bello árbol con su oveja madre y bebé ovejita
Subbu lakshmi
Subbu lakshmi 24 gün önce
Wow amazing👏👏👏
Sahanara Khatun
Sahanara Khatun 25 gün önce
This tree is very beautiful🥰🙂Wish I could do like this painting 🖌️🖌️🎨🎨
Jeovana Martins Dos Santos Cruz
Jeovana Martins Dos Santos Cruz 29 gün önce
Layane El Merini
Layane El Merini 29 gün önce
대박 ~~
Sueli Simone
Sueli Simone Aylar önce
Lindo de mais, parabéns pelo trabalho 🙌 acompanho seus vídeos, adoooooro 😃
Elza Silva
Elza Silva Aylar önce
Amo essas pinturas pra mim esta sendo ima terapia
Singh Gamers
Singh Gamers Aylar önce
Very nice 👌
Нуржас Копбосын
Нуржас Копбосын Aylar önce
Вот не надо было овечку нарисовать , такую картинку испортил )))
fotoalive Aylar önce
Magnififque !🙏 Thank you for sharing your amazing talent !
Celia Suárez
Celia Suárez Aylar önce
Es tan hermoso que lo intentaré! Y claro que lo lograre! Gracias! 🙏
Abrar Bouras
Abrar Bouras Aylar önce
Bravo ❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌
inosent mohsin
inosent mohsin Aylar önce
Out standing😍😍
Dhuki das
Dhuki das Aylar önce
4th 9th
Bushra Saeed
Bushra Saeed Aylar önce
~•NotLel0dy•~ Aylar önce
Foil and cotton buds: *looks at expensive paint brush* Also foil and cotton buds: look what they mimic just to make a fraction of our power! btw idk if I copied another comment I don't read comments when I type lol
Worksofcommonsense Aylar önce
just AWESOME!!!!! your technique i love! because they help me greatly. thank you :):):):):)
Riley Aylar önce
I would absolutely love to try this, but I know how it will end.... With a beautiful pasture, a lone tree, and a kindergarten cloud lying dead in the grass. 🤣. Amazing work, you make painting look like anyone (except me) could paint. I love the videos, very relaxing, and gives me hope that some day my efforts will be beautiful. Don't stop making videos. Thank you and beautiful works.
Денис Холкин
Денис Холкин Aylar önce
Какие прекрасные овечки, белые, пушистые, милые и под таким чудесным, зелёным деревцем. Что ж, мне скоро спать ложиться, буду считать овечек. Спасибо Вам Jay Lee большое за такие прекрасные и милые картины. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💗💗💗💗💗🌳🐑🐑
thio4cetone Aylar önce
This is so beautiful
Crunch Work
Crunch Work Aylar önce
ТопаТоп Aylar önce
Не детеныша овечки , а барашка
Rattlesnake Whispers
Rattlesnake Whispers Aylar önce
So precious 💙
Singular Arte
Singular Arte Aylar önce
Ashraf Ap
Ashraf Ap Aylar önce
石垣晴也 Aylar önce
Has Os
Has Os Aylar önce
Mohammed Sakil
Mohammed Sakil Aylar önce
The painting is very beautiful 😍 And you are a true 🌲 tree lover....
CFT吵番甜 Aylar önce
Skyla Stevens
Skyla Stevens Aylar önce
Wow! That's amazing, Keep going with your art 🙂
Adrianna Aylar önce
Good for the soul, amazing talent, I would love that have this on my wall👌💚
My Crazy Art
My Crazy Art Aylar önce
Very beautiful 🥰👍
Soma Behera
Soma Behera Aylar önce
This is so...amazing sir,just I have one query the animals are seeming like to be goats??
Amitha Mathew
Amitha Mathew Aylar önce
Vıldan Yuce
Vıldan Yuce Aylar önce
Çok yavaşsın!
Purabh Sahu
Purabh Sahu Aylar önce
Aapki pentting itni khubsurat hai ki use shabdo me byaan ni kiya ja sakta mujhe pentting me 1%bhi intrest ni tha but ab achhhha lgta h bahut achchha lgta h
Potarlanka Lasya
Potarlanka Lasya 2 aylar önce
Super 👌👌👌👌👏👏👏
Chris Churchley
Chris Churchley 2 aylar önce
Too beautiful - I can’t wait to see what comes out of the kitchen next for applying paint 🎨👏😁
ばなな隼人 2 aylar önce
Айслу Алиева
Айслу Алиева 2 aylar önce
Елена Касич
Елена Касич 2 aylar önce
Талант...👍👍👍Слов нет🔥🔥🔥
Fatiha C
Fatiha C 2 aylar önce
Une brebis et un agneau.
A. Dibenedetti
A. Dibenedetti 2 aylar önce
His Art is nice but can he draw a house?
Ayşe 2 aylar önce
Senin o koyundan çok keçiye benzedi
Art Pop Gallery
Art Pop Gallery 2 aylar önce
Amazing thanks for sharing! Wonderful art! Stay safe!
Милада Антонова
Милада Антонова 2 aylar önce
Roshan Roshan
Roshan Roshan 2 aylar önce
Francesca Miranda
Francesca Miranda 2 aylar önce
You NEED a tiktok account, you would go viral!!
Pritesh Patel
Pritesh Patel 2 aylar önce
owed p kkm mjdew
Rekha Kumari S designers
Rekha Kumari S designers 2 aylar önce
Nice 👍
Chris Wai Hing WU
Chris Wai Hing WU 2 aylar önce
Riptose gaming
Riptose gaming 2 aylar önce
Title:- paints mother sheep and baby Me:- I can atleast paint a sheep Also me:- clicks the video Him:- Paints the beautiful trees and background Me:- why I'm I still here just to suffer
Neha Singh
Neha Singh 2 aylar önce
Mujhko Sab asli lagta apke drawing se🦄🦄
Janette Cobb
Janette Cobb 2 aylar önce
Has anyone tried any of these at home? Me and my granddaughter are going to try.
Mohammad Belal
Mohammad Belal 2 aylar önce
Amazing work 😮😮😮
Priyam Arts
Priyam Arts 2 aylar önce
Miau Roblex
Miau Roblex 2 aylar önce
Pauline Dean
Pauline Dean 2 aylar önce
Itz_Flamefox Gaming
Itz_Flamefox Gaming 2 aylar önce
* *Best part coming* *. TRpost: SIMPLY PIANO YUhHs
News Update Jhelum
News Update Jhelum 2 aylar önce
very nice
Eat healthy
Eat healthy 2 aylar önce
Sehr schön gemalt
Atiya Fathima
Atiya Fathima 2 aylar önce
Wow! You have such a great talent, keep the good work up...
rhea hsntv
rhea hsntv 2 aylar önce
I hate this channel
Athul D£v.
Athul D£v. 2 aylar önce
I am a drawing student
Larissa Brito
Larissa Brito 2 aylar önce
Muito lindo assistir e sentir todo o seu talento
Carmen Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez 2 aylar önce
Sabes tu trabajo es tan bello, que lo veo en las noches y sueños con esos paisajes hermosos
Megha Mehta
Megha Mehta 2 aylar önce
I love your tree and I just wish I could make in and I am crying for that
Kokoc Cocu
Kokoc Cocu 2 aylar önce
Красота! Вот это рисунок! Вы просто талант!
Hamsa Ganesh
Hamsa Ganesh 2 aylar önce
Brilliant 👍
Ana Helena
Ana Helena 2 aylar önce
Inacreditável que habilidade talento!! Trabalho belíssimo belíssimo
Cynthia Fouerer
Cynthia Fouerer 2 aylar önce
Eres Jay Lee un arte en todo el potencial de la palabra
Ena Kelly
Ena Kelly 2 aylar önce
Love watching your magic Jay. ☺
Lourdes Maria Muller Coutinho
Lourdes Maria Muller Coutinho 2 aylar önce
Lindo! Ele é um mágico! Surpreendente!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤❤😍
Blandine L.
Blandine L. 2 aylar önce
C'est magnifique! Merci de nous montrer votre travail. C'est un réel plaisir de vous regarder faire.
Eagle the sky
Eagle the sky 2 aylar önce
روعة 👏👏👍👍
Jason Dada
Jason Dada 2 aylar önce
Cyndi Madrid Hauri
Cyndi Madrid Hauri 2 aylar önce
彭婉宜 2 aylar önce
Every time I see you painting, it's healed
María teresa Moreno olivan
María teresa Moreno olivan 2 aylar önce
Muy hermoso!
野中慶一郎 2 aylar önce
Jenny Tillmans
Jenny Tillmans 2 aylar önce
Seams so easy...😅but so beautiful, relaxing to watch also💚
Ashwini Kondalakadu
Ashwini Kondalakadu 2 aylar önce
I love these...
Patricia Godoy
Patricia Godoy 2 aylar önce
Que grande , por mirar los vídeos tan bonitos me trámite mucha paz
Nilza Silva
Nilza Silva 2 aylar önce
valeria bautista
valeria bautista 2 aylar önce
Hermoso dibujo
Thunder Nova
Thunder Nova 2 aylar önce
Always the same ... it's boring
Nifa Victor
Nifa Victor 2 aylar önce
Nossa!!! Ficou perfeito! Parabéns você é um grande artista 👏👏👏❤❤❤🥰
lol 2 aylar önce
Надежда 1983
Надежда 1983 2 aylar önce
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