Painting a couple beside flowers / Watercolor painting for beginners

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Jay Lee Painting

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JayLee - How to paint with watercolor / Painting Techniques
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Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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최유빈 24 gün önce
미카엘 Aylar önce
이걸 초보가어케 따라함니까 ㅠ ㅠ
Carmen Estrela
Carmen Estrela Aylar önce
Guaaaaauuu 😜👏👏👏💙
محسن أبن العراق العظيم
محسن أبن العراق العظيم Aylar önce
محسن أبن العراق العظيم
Gracinha Araujo
Gracinha Araujo Aylar önce
Sem palavras, simplesmente maravilhoso!
반디의 공간 Bandi space
반디의 공간 Bandi space Aylar önce
I love your painting❤️❤️❤️
Vaishali Jadhav
Vaishali Jadhav Aylar önce
Painting is very ameging
Françoise Coeurdelouve
Françoise Coeurdelouve Aylar önce
アラサー独身OLいろは氏 Aylar önce
筆を離した瞬間から血が通うような雰囲気、花の命が感じられます。 感動しました。
Baccha party#Drama
Baccha party#Drama Aylar önce
Shayari Lounge
Shayari Lounge Aylar önce
Beautiful just one word
color your dreams
color your dreams Aylar önce
Realy nice painting. I lov it
💜BTS ARMY 💜 Aylar önce
bts jungkook one picture drawing pls😍🥰
Blue pen gameing
Blue pen gameing Aylar önce
Mayank's Art World
Mayank's Art World Aylar önce
nightingale Aylar önce
maggiemea Aylar önce
Just beautiful 😍
Amanda Celeste
Amanda Celeste Aylar önce
Apaixonante 😍
Yemek Şablonum
Yemek Şablonum Aylar önce
Hiç pürüzsüz çok güzel yaptınız keyifle izledim harikasınız 👋👋 bende sizi Türk mutfağına kanalıma davet ediyorum gelirseniz sevinirm teşekkürler 🇹🇷 Türkiye
mehndi Mubarak
mehndi Mubarak Aylar önce
Nice 👍👍👍
TNext Gaming
TNext Gaming Aylar önce
Amazing art
просто Гульнара
просто Гульнара Aylar önce
Olly Aylar önce
Stop painting couples!!!! I'm single just do a tutorial for alone ppl maaaaan
Flor Do Mar
Flor Do Mar Aylar önce
Draco Aylar önce
I Don't Know Where My Painting And Sketch Drawing Talent Got Lost , Study Stress Made My Talent Disappear , I Get Frustrated Now Whenever I Draw Something On The Fact That I Draw The Same Way I Used To , But Your Videos Motivate Me To Pick My Drawing Book And Pencil Again But Still I Make Crafts And Cartoon Drawings.
B B Aylar önce
붓끝 컨트롤 미쳤다...
Amazing Yash World
Amazing Yash World Aylar önce
This is so nice and amazing painting
Toktotoต๊กโต ไม่ใช่จิ้งจก
Toktotoต๊กโต ไม่ใช่จิ้งจก Aylar önce
🌸🌸🌸🌸 Nice ☺️😀😀😀😀
Esma Caliskan
Esma Caliskan Aylar önce
Very nice
Laurence DELARUE
Laurence DELARUE Aylar önce
Weena May
Weena May Aylar önce
It’s an escapist dream when you do watercolour painting. I wish you would bring the longer videos back where we can interact and follow along, to your calming voice with the background music or the sound of rain. Wonderful 🌼🌼🌼
SAHAR :) Aylar önce
amazing 😍 I love your brush
настя настя
настя настя Aylar önce
Акварелью рисовать самое трудное
yum recipes with mrs gondal
yum recipes with mrs gondal Aylar önce
Nice work my dear From yum recipes with mrs gondal
أم حسين للخياطه
أم حسين للخياطه Aylar önce
Ella Stosch
Ella Stosch Aylar önce
EizzyArt Aylar önce
It's too relaxing to see this You can also chk my channel for some easy art works
today drawing time
today drawing time Aylar önce
Beautiful 💐💐💐
Chellamm Muthusamy
Chellamm Muthusamy Aylar önce
A great inspirations to beginners.
Yenni Pham
Yenni Pham Aylar önce
I liked it
ととと Aylar önce
Donna Murphy
Donna Murphy Aylar önce
Very pretty
Bharat Art Box
Bharat Art Box Aylar önce
Hiii dear Artist Your art work is so beautiful. You are giving something to the world. You are preparing other artists with your art. So you and your art are great.🌹👌👌👌
designer painter
designer painter Aylar önce
Art video
Art video Aylar önce
You made other color items art plz.
Ángeles Aylar önce
Nath Cat
Nath Cat Aylar önce
Aser Arts
Aser Arts Aylar önce
This is beyond talent and I just want to say that you're my inspiration in continuing my passion in art and I hope that my channel would be successful like yours
Aser Arts
Aser Arts Aylar önce
@UC5SH-7yCugqUD7VIyQKi3JA thank you so much
erminia gottardello
erminia gottardello Aylar önce
Meraviglioso!!!!! Bravissimo come sempre.
kang다육사랑 홍옥사랑
kang다육사랑 홍옥사랑 Aylar önce
Hamidreza Jalilvand
Hamidreza Jalilvand Aylar önce
Love among & with flowers 🌷❤️
Lopa Art
Lopa Art Aylar önce
So beautiful flowers painting 💐👌😍🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Ирина Дашина
Ирина Дашина Aylar önce
So beautiful! 💖Thank you!
У камина с Татьяной - аудио рассказы
У камина с Татьяной - аудио рассказы Aylar önce
Любите жизнь… не дай Вам Бог… отчаяться… Любите жизнь… пусть силы не кончаются… Любите жизнь… куда б Вас не забросило… Любите жизнь… весной…зимою…осенью Здравствуйте, друзья! ❤ Я, наконец. исполнила свою мечту. ЗАВЕЛА КАНАЛ! Читаю рассказы своих любимых писателей! Буду рада гостям и новым подписчикам
Sony Art
Sony Art Aylar önce
Really inspiring to me 😊
Esra Erbek
Esra Erbek Aylar önce
Your art is very beautiful, İ want to make pictures like you as soon as possible.İ wish you a lot of success your life
다정 Aylar önce
I like to draw so seeing someone with such skiils to make a relaxing video like this is the best 🥺 thank you Have a good time everyone!!
SC4R Art
SC4R Art Aylar önce
This makes me so happy! Amazing vid. Stay safe! 💖😎💖
Martha Valle
Martha Valle Aylar önce
Dr. Bruno Recipes
Dr. Bruno Recipes Aylar önce
Very relaxing 😊 Have a wonderful day everyone 🌻 Greetings from Scotland ♥️
Pakistan paint all In one
Pakistan paint all In one Aylar önce
I make the same video
Pakistan paint all In one
Pakistan paint all In one Aylar önce
Valērija Aylar önce
Maravilhoso 😍👏
black status
black status Aylar önce
Laudia Aylar önce
Wow 💜 beautiful 🎨
Soracobra Aylar önce
Wowww sugoi
Sireign Art
Sireign Art Aylar önce
That's wonderful
Sol lucet omnibus
Sol lucet omnibus Aylar önce
Che meraviglia 🤩🤩🤩💕💕 vorrei tanto avere il tuo dono, sei bravissimo,😍😍😍
FILM BODONG Aylar önce
Beautyful paint😊
Bıhtıh Aylar önce
Yorumlarda türklerin olmaması çok üzücü🤧
Bıhtıh Aylar önce
Tek kelimeyle ef-sa-ne
HBB Status
HBB Status Aylar önce
wow 💚 ❤️❤️
Art Pop Gallery
Art Pop Gallery Aylar önce
Really beautiful! How I enjoy watching these videos. Art is truly unique.
Getulio Tadeu
Getulio Tadeu Aylar önce
👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇰🇷🙏....from Brasil 🕊🏳
Hatice Merttürk Güven
Hatice Merttürk Güven Aylar önce
Bukurie Aylar önce
The 🌷🌷🌷🌺🌿💑beautiful ideas painting flowers and couple gifts🌹🌸🌷🌿🌞🙏
Xena Art
Xena Art Aylar önce
Apparently every girl would like to receive such amazing flowers🌷
Sema'lı Mutfak
Sema'lı Mutfak Aylar önce
Emeginize saglik👍👍😊🌸
jacqueline hardouin
jacqueline hardouin Aylar önce
Hello beautiful
Dandan Sa Painting
Dandan Sa Painting Aylar önce
Very beautiful work
Доза Смеха
Доза Смеха Aylar önce
1:40 Классный контент ✌🏻 2:17 Ждём следующих выпусков , всем добра✌🏻
أرسم معي حكاية Drawing
أرسم معي حكاية Drawing Aylar önce
Amazing painting 🎨
Rita Maeshiro
Rita Maeshiro Aylar önce
Wonderful ❤️
TWICEfangirl T.D✔️
TWICEfangirl T.D✔️ Aylar önce
If I had 1% of your skill 😭
Sara Ahmad
Sara Ahmad Aylar önce
So beautiful 😍
محمد خليل
محمد خليل Aylar önce
Zunnu Art Gallery
Zunnu Art Gallery Aylar önce
Great artwork👍
Amir art
Amir art Aylar önce
Heavy art.. Great skills you have my friend.. Keep it up 👌❤️❤️❤️
Atik Hayati
Atik Hayati Aylar önce
Your art it's not art. YOU ARE ACTUALLY THAT ART
Anastasiya Evstifeeva
Anastasiya Evstifeeva Aylar önce
Медитация...Так хорошо стало на душе!💖
Uzma siddiqi
Uzma siddiqi Aylar önce
Mujhe bhi sikha do
Miroslava Radeta
Miroslava Radeta Aylar önce
Kako je lepo i mirno!😍
Eleonice Leo
Eleonice Leo Aylar önce
Amei 😍🌿🌼🌿👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
ABC Crayons
ABC Crayons Aylar önce
Beautiful to watch each and evry brush stroke 🧡
jedidiah Aylar önce
Believe in Jesus
Dinha Moraes Oficial
Dinha Moraes Oficial Aylar önce
Simplesmente maravilhoso 👏🇧🇷❤️
Sketch and Paint with FARYAL
Sketch and Paint with FARYAL Aylar önce
As usual amazing work ❤️
Korean Nuna🇰🇷Korean Life
Korean Nuna🇰🇷Korean Life Aylar önce
오!!! 진짜 예뻐요👍👍👍👍💯💯💯
Korean Nuna🇰🇷Korean Life
Korean Nuna🇰🇷Korean Life Aylar önce
@Jx_hopefull hehehehehehehe😆😉😉😉😉
Jx_hopefull Aylar önce
ohh Jinjjaaa
أميرة الرقص.dancing princess
أميرة الرقص.dancing princess Aylar önce
People viewing these comments wish their parents had been alive for more years, God bless your family 🥰❤😊
Realme All
Realme All Aylar önce
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