How to Draw a Man Walking in the Forest / Red Acrylic Painting

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Jay Lee Painting

20 gün önce

JayLee - How to paint with acrylic / Painting Techniques
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Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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Sera Runo
Sera Runo 3 saatler önce
Эх хотела я бы так рисавать
Anupam Singh
Anupam Singh 8 saatler önce
pls reply... what is the canvas base, paper or cloth type ??
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh Gün önce
Teach drawing with red color only the rate of red.
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh Gün önce
So cute
shayara khatoon
shayara khatoon Gün önce
Tereza de Jesus
Tereza de Jesus Gün önce
Maravilhoso! Congratulacions!
Ιωάννης Ελ
Ιωάννης Ελ Gün önce
Ιωάννης Ελ
Ιωάννης Ελ Gün önce
daghnoun iman
daghnoun iman Gün önce
Daremo50 NA
Daremo50 NA 3 gün önce
Really nice.
Happy vibes
Happy vibes 3 gün önce
You are Talented person seriously 👈
Luana Fernandes
Luana Fernandes 3 gün önce
Top top
Nancy 4 gün önce
I'm always amazed how you can get these beautiful paintings from just teardrops of acrylic paint placed just so on your new canvas! It's mesmerizing to watch it unfold. The outcome is stunning! I have much respect for your gift of talent.
Cesia Guadalupe Marqués López
Cesia Guadalupe Marqués López 4 gün önce
Nunca te rindas
Silvania Neves
Silvania Neves 4 gün önce
Vou tentar
Dipanwita Mandal
Dipanwita Mandal 5 gün önce
Why do I get Canada vibes from this?
zakia khan
zakia khan 5 gün önce
zakia khan
zakia khan 5 gün önce
Speech Less👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️
zakia khan
zakia khan 5 gün önce
Masha Allah
Scots Quine
Scots Quine 5 gün önce
Why on earth you get thumbs down is beyond me. Beautiful painting
Natali S.
Natali S. 5 gün önce
Музыкальное сопровождение прям выбрано в тему осени! Восхитительно🍁🍁🍁
Ruby vlog786
Ruby vlog786 6 gün önce
Beautiful 💕
ATKob Chanel
ATKob Chanel 7 gün önce
I like your content😍❤️ very beautiful picture
sayed iftikhar ali shah
sayed iftikhar ali shah 8 gün önce
Raqueli Brancalioni
Raqueli Brancalioni 8 gün önce
Legal de mais 😎
Heena Heena barkat
Heena Heena barkat 9 gün önce
❤️❤️ no words it's mind blowing
Ziaa Sahi
Ziaa Sahi 9 gün önce
Very nice
Rupika Sandhiya
Rupika Sandhiya 9 gün önce
Super 😀😀
zeemal fatima
zeemal fatima 10 gün önce
You are amazing
Кон Чен Ый Гв
Кон Чен Ый Гв 10 gün önce
Не порть фольгу, бошки курить надо
Colourful World
Colourful World 10 gün önce
Pretty awesome
bonnie morris
bonnie morris 12 gün önce
This is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abel Patricio
Abel Patricio 13 gün önce
I really like your painting
Мухаммад 13 gün önce
Это просто суппер
Fatima A
Fatima A 13 gün önce
Do we need oil based acrylics for this or will water based work too??
Rama SY
Rama SY 13 gün önce
Pavel Adamek
Pavel Adamek 13 gün önce
If you told me at the beginning " I am gonna have a white sky", l would say whaaat?
Вера Рюмшина
Вера Рюмшина 13 gün önce
Умничка,красота великолепная???
vasif xelilov
vasif xelilov 13 gün önce
Beautiful,beautiful,very very beautifulllll,thank you👏👍
Rosania da Silva Lima
Rosania da Silva Lima 13 gün önce
Isso é hipinotisante 😍😍😍
Rosania da Silva Lima
Rosania da Silva Lima 13 gün önce
Encantada, Deus abençoe suas preciosas mãos 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Eleni Penkova
Eleni Penkova 13 gün önce
chamundi priya
chamundi priya 14 gün önce
No words wonderful landscape
Asiya's World
Asiya's World 14 gün önce
I loooooove 🎨
Sharon Hanna
Sharon Hanna 14 gün önce
That is so awesome
That is spectacular!!!! Beautifully done! I love it!
Anuradha Lohogaonkar
Anuradha Lohogaonkar 14 gün önce
Mast sinary draw few minutes
AYANITA GARCIA 14 gün önce
Beautiful art 🎨 is a really breath taking walking through a pat of gorgeous leaves 🍁🍂 You're awesome 🧘🏻💯🇲🇽
Britzel 1
Britzel 1 14 gün önce
Wow!!! This video truly touched me, I watched it 2xs. How peaceful and stunning 😍
Gina Prestes
Gina Prestes 14 gün önce
Que lindo, adoro
Lorena Zamor
Lorena Zamor 14 gün önce
Great job
Ceren Dilan Duman
Ceren Dilan Duman 15 gün önce
I absolutely love it
Karen Haygood
Karen Haygood 15 gün önce
That picture is really beautiful I would love to have it
Eliane Martins
Eliane Martins 15 gün önce
Maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏
Neriman Acar
Neriman Acar 15 gün önce
Böyle boyama yapmak için ömrümü veririm , sen süper bir yetenek siniz
SL MOR GEEK 15 gün önce
So brautiful
rozita sedaghat
rozita sedaghat 16 gün önce
Love this 😍😍😍
Alichar Smith
Alichar Smith 16 gün önce
Thank you for this beautiful painting. Orange is my favorite color and fall is my favorite time of year so I could look at this painting all day long!!!
Ayca Talay
Ayca Talay 16 gün önce
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez 16 gün önce
Beautiful God given talent
Flashlite Striker
Flashlite Striker 16 gün önce
N LN 17 gün önce
Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'm watching your videos to learn certain techniques. I just love seasonal paintings. And sometimes when my children are too rushed, they watch your videos with me. They calm down and if they're really tired, they eventually fall asleep. Very relaxing and informative. Thank you very much ❤️
Art Channel
Art Channel 17 gün önce
Elena Hermida salgado
Elena Hermida salgado 17 gün önce
Esta hermoso
가수지후TV ~ (화. 토 밤7시 방송)
가수지후TV ~ (화. 토 밤7시 방송) 17 gün önce
제이리님 지후방송 오시는 제이리님 이시나요? ?
박주은 17 gün önce
Can you please do some OIL PAINTINGS?
Hadeel Awad
Hadeel Awad 17 gün önce
Please can I draw such pictures and sell them to friends so that I can benefit and be able to spend on myself
Charlene Nolan 86
Charlene Nolan 86 17 gün önce
Gorgeous 🥰
Meteorite Hunter Gemstone
Meteorite Hunter Gemstone 17 gün önce
Meteorite Hunter ☄️ Gemstone 💎 Friend 👍👍👍
martillian almeida
martillian almeida 17 gün önce
Que pinturas maravilhosas, tô ansiosa pra tenta 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Elizabeth Trihub
Elizabeth Trihub 18 gün önce
Wow!!! Thanks for showing and sharing a new way to look at painting ❤️
Michelle Moffett
Michelle Moffett 18 gün önce
Ishwari's Recipe
Ishwari's Recipe 18 gün önce
Beautiful 💖🌺
Nicole Langlois
Nicole Langlois 18 gün önce
Precioso gracias
Rey's Arts 🎨 Vlog
Rey's Arts 🎨 Vlog 18 gün önce
Wow...your arts so friend, keep it up and stay connected👍😍🇵🇭
marie denise banal
marie denise banal 18 gün önce
un grand merci, votre travail est magnifique
Dina I
Dina I 18 gün önce
Me gusta mucho este picture .
Оживай TV
Оживай TV 18 gün önce
Спасибо, это было как прогулка по 🍁🍂🍁осенниму лесу, умиротворение, прохлада и гармония. Вы делаете этот мир прекраснее🙏🙏🙏💖
Charlie Agnes Parker
Charlie Agnes Parker 18 gün önce
It never fails to amaze me.... Your most humble start, just well-placed dabs of acrylic paint, a paintbrush, scattering the paint. The foil, mind-blowing effects...the trees you add are gorgeous. Then suddenly everything makes perfect sense....You amaze me... Thank you for sharing your art. It's truly inspiring 🌹❤️🌹
Malgos S
Malgos S 18 gün önce
So beautiful 👍🏆🤗
Nishkar Ramautar
Nishkar Ramautar 18 gün önce
So beautiful.
حياتك تحلى مع ام اسر
حياتك تحلى مع ام اسر 18 gün önce
Simly wonderful
Geertje Starreveld
Geertje Starreveld 18 gün önce
Now a days I see more people using a round in which they paint. Fashion? Feeling good? Spiritual? What are your thoughts doing your painting in this way.?
Laugh n Learning
Laugh n Learning 18 gün önce
gorgeous autumn landscape painting 😍❤️ stay blessed
Asif Mustafayev
Asif Mustafayev 18 gün önce
It is strange... Although I am in a warm enough room lying on my bed, when watching this video I felt myself standing in the middle of that road. I could even feel the chill from the autumn breeze... Cold raindrops hitting my face...
Onions OnEverything
Onions OnEverything 15 gün önce
Juliqnia 18 gün önce
Ej bo ty masz tytuł polski a kom po innych językach 🤔
Binsy Anil
Binsy Anil 18 gün önce
Wowwwww….. amazing… your painting talks beyond the words ❤️🙏
Melissa Carol
Melissa Carol 18 gün önce
waqas ahmed
waqas ahmed 18 gün önce
Fatima baqi
Fatima baqi 18 gün önce
رسوماتك جميلة كالعادة السهل الممتنع شكرا على المشاركة المفيدة
Roxana San Mar
Roxana San Mar 18 gün önce
muchas gracias por compartir su arte! me encanta !saludos desde Perú
James Barefoot
James Barefoot 18 gün önce
Please list the colors and if it’s oil or acrylic. Thanks , love the videos.
💞🌼 19 gün önce
Se puede hacer en cuadrado??
Puri 19 gün önce
Fantástico 😍🎨🖌️✨ Bellisimo Arte!! Bravo por el "don" que tienes👍
Juliet Milagros Vera Montes
Juliet Milagros Vera Montes 19 gün önce
Que bonito
visual A101
visual A101 19 gün önce
This is so beautiful painting wow wow, I like the colors.
Valerie Blackthorn
Valerie Blackthorn 19 gün önce
People who upvote probably hasn't any kind of talent. The painting looks gorgeous in my opinion.
ARTI JADAV 19 gün önce
ARTI JADAV 19 gün önce
Wooahhh nice
Maria susana Revelant
Maria susana Revelant 19 gün önce
Hermoso y fácil, pero el paraguas es muy grande por tamaño del hombre.
prathibha rudra
prathibha rudra 19 gün önce
Wow super 👏👏
ZoZ Art
ZoZ Art 19 gün önce
*This is a really beautiful autumn landscape painting.*
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